MZ LED Light Field Test


MZ LED Light Field Test.
SMD LED Light MZ-LED336 & MZ-LED176.
CRI 95, Powerful, Portable. Aluminum.
7-16V DC input 4pin XLR. (powered by Vlock, Glock or NP-F type batteries and power adapter).
For Cine, Video and Photo productions.

Director : Angel Ballas
Cinematographer : Antonis Kounellas
Editor : Alex Quantas
Post production: DCS
Location : Arctos Studios
Camera : Red Helium 8K
Lens : Leica Summilux 1.4
Lights: MZ-LED336B, MZ-LED336C, MZ-LED176B, MZ-LED176C
Color Meter: Sekonic C-700R