MZ lighting product range and options


MZ LED Light product range. For Cinematographers, Videographers & Photographers.

MZ-LED120. MZ-LED176. MZ-LED336. MZ-LED884
Aluminum. CRI97. Extended CRI 95. Portable. LED Light.
Three Dimmer options: Standard. w OLED Screen. w OLED Screen & DMX.
Vlock. Glock. Sony NPF 970. Battery or AC operated.
Bicolor. Cool. Warm.
Options: Lenses. Diffuser. Color filters. Softboxes. Softboxes with Grids. Reflective Umbrellas. Diffusion Umbrellas. Barndoors. Metal Snoots. DMX.

Equipment used:
Camera: Panasonic AU-EVA1
Lenses: Sigma 18-35mm-T2, 50-100mm-T2
Lights: MZ-LED884B, MZ-LED336B, MZ-LED176B
Rest equipment: Syrp Genie-Mini, Atomos Ninja-V, MZ C-Stand, Tripods MZ-3.8LA, Flags MZ-Flag-60-75cm

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